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Search over 2,350 Martial Arts Schools, Clubs, Gyms & Dojos in Canada. The Dojo Directory at features Dojos of All Styles and all Origins. Whether you are looking for a Traditional Art like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kungfu, Aikido, Judo etc. or a modern Mixed Martial Art like BJJ, Krav Maga or Jeet Kune Do, you'll find a location near you!

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Canada's Dojo Directory includes all types of Martial Arts Schools, regardless of Styles, Traditions and Origins. Whether you are looking for a Traditional Martial Art, or a more modern Mixed Form, you will find schools offering Martial Arts Classes of your interest near your location.

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Based on Style information available from Dojos listed in Canada. is part of a global Dojo Directory with over 34,450 Martial Arts Schools in over 50 countries. The main Website was established in 2004. The network of Websites currently serve over 250,000 visitors per month and generates hundreds of leads to it's registered schools and clubs.

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